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"Reach for the Stars 2016" a team to help the Camp Starlight Commission...


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Sarah Green

Reach For The Stars 2016!

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Reach for the Stars 2016

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Keegan Smith

Reach For The Stars 2016

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Nicole Barton

Reach for the stars 2016

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Christy Alger-Williams

Reach For The Stars 2016

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Greta Swanson

Reach For the Stars 2016 Swanson

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Melanie Smith

Reach for the Stars 2016

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Keri Mcnicholas

Reach for the stars 2016

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Camp Starlight

Reach for the Stars 2016

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Reach for the Stars 2016

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Camp Starlight

Reach for the Stars 2016

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We're excited for another great week of Camp Starlight this summer – our 17th year of providing campers a place free from the stigma of HIV/AIDS, where they can play, laugh, learn, create friendships and know that they are accepted, supported and loved. It’s an incredibly fun and magical week focused solely on the kids.

Camp Starlight is an all-volunteer organization, and children come to camp at no cost to their families. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit that relies upon donations big and small from individuals and the community to operate, so funding is critical for creating this wonderful week for these amazing kids.

Join the team that's participating in Camp Starlight’s 3rd Annual “Reach For The Stars” Challenge. Throughout the month of April, members of our Camp Starlight community are setting a personal fund-raising goal, then going out into their own circle of family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and such, and sharing the Camp Starlight story with the aim of making -- and even breaking! -- their goal.

We want to share our passion with you and hope that you’ll help us achieve our goal in providing the best camp experience these children can have. How high can we reach? Let's reach for the stars!

Team Captain

Camp Starlight Camp Starlight

Helping kids affected by HIV / AIDS