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"RCB members" a team to help the RAINBOW CITY BAND reach the goal for it's first ever 10K!!!


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We are members of the ensembles of Rainbow City Band (RCB) and some of us will participate in a 10K of a different sort! RCB President, Betsy Smith, and others will PLAY 10,000 measures of music on September 27, 2014. Donors can donate to help pay for some of our ensembles' needs. For instance, a single piece of music for performance can cost between $70 and $120. If the organization wants to record the performance for public distribtion, those rights can cost 100's of dollars! The cost of Broadway Performance Hall in Seattle for the RCB Concert Band's Fall concert is $1500. That cost is duplicated for every concert. Each ensemble's rehearsal time costs between $35 and $50 per session. RCB ensembles currently rehearse on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings at various locations in the Puget Sound area. Won't you help us defray our expenses by making a pledge today?

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