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This team is supporting the Joy Project so that all individuals fighting and recovering from Eating Disorders can find their voice.


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Johanna S

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Joy Nollenberg

Raising Funds to Raise Voices

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Kristina DeMuth

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karen hill

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Jill Bias

Raising Funds to Raise Voices

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What makes The Joy Project unique is that it is run by eating disorder survivors, who understand these illnesses from the inside out. Since we are a consumer-driven organization, everything we do is based on the needs expressed to us by those we aim to support.

This spring fundraising will help the organization:

  • Provide support to individuals with eating disorders through our online recovery-support message forum, in-person support groups, recovery-oriented tools & information on our main website, and a searchable online treatment directory.
  • We are also aiming to expand available treatment options, through the development of an innovative low-cost, peer-support program that involves creating a healthy long-term outpatient environment for people with eating disorders, with a support staff comprised of people who have recovered from eating disorders.
  • We also actively conduct research on ED-related topics that have been identified as being most important by those living with eating disorders.
  • We also advocate for improvement in ED diagnosis, insurance coverage, access to treatment, and general understanding of eating disorders.
  • We aim to help change the diagnostic criteria for eating disorders. A crucial part of the criteria is considered negative due to the impact current criteria may have from the perspective of the patients themselves.

Team Captain

Joy Nollenberg Joy Nollenberg

I want to make a difference by working towards reducing the rate and severity of eating disorders.