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"Raising the Roof for Freedom Library" a team to fund a roof & open the doors of East Side Freedom Library.


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Gladys McKenzie

Gladys McKenzie

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East Side Freedom Library is the brainchild of Beth Cleary and Peter Rachleff, longtime friends who have always created community space. They just didn't have the bricks and mortar to go with it, until now. Helping them raise the funds for a new library roof makes possible their decades long dream of a community space for the co-mingling of books, people, art and history. As they put it recently "It's important to us that labor history books, African American history books, immigration history books, Chicano, Asian American, Native American history are in the same space. We want to suggest even by their mere sharing of the same space that they are in conversation with each other." A gorgeous Carnegie Library in the hands of people who care about the community, who will hold up a mirror so that ordinary people can see their lives and histories as extraordinary. Raise the roof, raise the dream! We are raising money to recieve a matching fund Star Grant from the city. Please help with your donation!

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