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"Raise 4 ASH" is a team raising money, to help the AFRICA SCHOOLHOUSE FOUNDATION build desks for as many students as possible!!


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We, Alex Forsyth, Anne-Marie Krytiuk and Jason Ho, are undergraduates at York University, Toronto, Canada. We recently made a discovery listening to students complain about the desks here at York. As the desks were created decades ago, these desks do not provide enough room to write, place a laptop, or keep proper posture when writing or typing. This is a small, but recurring problem that as you know, most of us York students must face on a daily basis.

Then we realized that here we are complaining that our desks are too small, when there are children in other parts of the world who are not even fortunate enough to have a desk or a school to attend. We want to raise awareness of the lack of funding for educational institutions in Africa. All proceeds will be going to Africa Schoolhouse Foundation (http://www.africaschoolhouse.org/home/). We chose this charity over other larger foundations like UNICEF because Africa Schoolhouse spends less of the budget on running the charity itself and 100% of the donations go straight to funding for a primary school in Ntulya, Tanzania to service six villages. They also use materials that are locally produced and assembled to ensure the
sustainability of the school.

We would appreciate anything that you could donate towards our goal of raising $1000. Cheques should be made out to "Africa Schoolhouse". If you could spread the word, that would be amazing! Feel free to email raise4ash@gmail.com if you have anymore questions.

Thank you,
Alex Forsyth, Anne-Marie Krytiuk and Jason Ho

Team Captain

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