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"DREAMing Big for Philly Kids! " a team of DREAMers passionate about improving the lives of Philadelphia's most vulnerable youth.


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We are a team of proud Philadelphians dedicated to supporting The DREAM Program, a mentoring organization serving some of the cities most vulnerable youth.

According to research conducted by the Pew Trust, Philadelphia has the 6th highest poverty level in the United States. The negative impacts of growing up in poverty stricken communities can be devastating to the future success of children and youth. Children from low-resources communities are:

  • 40% to 70% less likely to graduate from high school than their more affluent peers
  • Twice as likely to be held back a grade and more than twice as likely to not finish high school
  • Very unlikely to achieve a four-year college degree (9% compared to 54% of youth from more affluent communities)

Simply put, Philadelphia youth living in low-income housing have the cards stacked against them.

Since January 2014, the DREAM Program has helped to improve the life outcomes of these youth by providing consistent, year-round, college based, positive mentoring and adventure programming for youth ages 5 through high school graduation. Mentoring is a proven, cost-effective preventative measure to help insulate youth from the negative impacts of poverty.

DREAM pairs college students with children from affordable housing neighborhoods in mentoring relationships that empower youth to live healthy, productive lives.

DREAM children receive:

  • Weekly one-on-one and group mentoring on college campuses
  • Ongoing support for academic success & college access
  • Exposure to new places, cultures and experiences, locally and nationally
  • Year-round, consistent programming, from age 5 through high school graduation

We are already seeing the impact of our mission and our future goals are to continue to strengthen our existing programs and expand our program model to new communities to allow us to reach more deserving youth.

We can't do this without the support from those just as passionate about our mission and our kids as we are! Together, we can truly make a difference in the lives of youth living in poverty and help them DREAM big for their future!

Team Captain

Jennifer Horan Jennifer Horan