Quince Orchard High School's "JUNTOS2013" Latin Dance Team.

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The After School Dance Fund team will provide 50% additional funding on top of the total raised through this page for "JUNTOS2013"

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This is the First Official year of Quince Orchard High School's "JUNTOS2013" dancers to represent their Montgomery county school at the world class stage at "The Music Center at Strathmore".

This year's school sponsors Ms. charlene Cardona and Ms. Tanya Mohan have done a great job at establishing and keeping this group of Latin dance entusiast teens together.

The mission of Quince Orchard High School with a diverse community, as stated in their mission statement, is to provide excellent education in a safe, nurturing environment that challenges all students to embrace the highest standards of personal integrity and academic achievement.

The Latin dance club has had great results, not only because of the mission but specially because of the club sponsors, Ms. Cardona and Ms. Mohan who happen to be two very passionate people that have taking this initiave to the top. "Priceless".

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After School Dance Fund/Baila4Life After School Dance Fund/Baila4Life

Promoting Health, Exercise, Cultural Awareness and Unity through Latin Dance Education.