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"Creation non profit organisation Pura Vida " a team to help the undefined...


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What we will do

Gardenning/teaching for community ( permaculture and self sufficent )

A live garden that you come pick what you want. ( For member, volonteer and child)

Protect nature

We will save and collect indigen seed from all plant, tree.
We will help the annimal to survive and make video to inform.

Heal care center

A place where you can cure yourself with nature.
Evolve your spirituality
Balance you system
Reseach the nature

Conference/web site

We will teach/inform the people what we do where we go and solution for everyone.

Comunauty self sufficent

For the super hero that help make this world be better, we will group up and smal community. Self sufficent and evolution !


1 work on the land (grounding)
2 Tantra, yoga
3 community
4 Love happiness
5 Learn to express yourself and speak the trut
6 meditation
7 Connection with your spirit

You need to find yourself and purpos in life

We will make change

Past ---- Futur
Control ---- Freedom evolution
destruction of the planet ---- Save nature
Pills ---- Natural plant
Money ---- Share
War ---- Help
Toxic ---- Natural
Quick happiness ---- Long term happiness
Consume ---- Self sufficent

Kind of membership

They get accept to the infomation

They get accept to the infomation
They have a profil in the website to follow to project they found and the help that they done

To get the volunteering membership you have to help the community at least 1 month
That give you the opportunity to ask for founding

To be a leader you have to bring 5 volunteer
You have to succed a projet

More incomming

Team Captain

Naijja Demers Naijja Demers

  1. Paul KarpenkoPaul... 04/11/2015 at 04:40 PM ET
    I like this work!