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Team PRIDE 2013-Powered by Purpose: a team to have fun, get fit, and raise funds to expand job opportunities for veterans with disabilities


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Joan Pederson

Joan's Race Day!

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Matt Fritsch

Matt Fritsch Raising Funds for Wounded Veteran Run through Team PRIDE

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lori ziegler

Lori and Zeek's Team PRIDE Page

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Christine Allen

Christine's Running for Veterans - Team PRIDE 2013

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Julie Carver

Tricia's Running for Veterans - Team PRIDE 2013

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Team PRIDE 2013

Team PRIDE 2013 - General Team Donations

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Team PRIDE is a team of people who want to get fit, have fun, and raise funds to support PRIDE Industries Foundation's mission to expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

We are an inclusive team, and welcome anyone who wants to improve their fitness while raising funds for a good cause.

This year, we'll be participating in the Folsom Wounded Veterans Run. In keeping with the mission of the run, 100% of the funds raised by Team PRIDE will go directly to programs and services that benefit veterans with disabilities through job creation, employment preparation and placement, and employment support services.

Examples of how contributions to PRIDE Industries Foundation are used include:

- purchase assistive technology to help people with hearing and visual disabilities succeed in jobs that would otherwise be unavailable to them

- provide employment preparation and placement services, such as resume preparation, interview practice, job search assistance, and job coaching

- provide transportation to and from PRIDE job sites for people with severe disabilities with no other way of getting to work

- provide loaner tool kits that help people with severe disabilities secure jobs in the technical trades

Every dollar you give will make a difference in the lives of veterans with disabilities across the country. Thank you for your support.


Team Captain

Julie Carver Julie Carver

  1. Julie CarverJulie Carver 05/28/2013 at 12:11 PM ET
    Great job Team PRIDE! You all looked great yesterday at the race - what an awesome team! Thank you for all that you did to support veterans with disabilities through Team PRIDE 2013!
  2. Julie CarverJulie Carver 05/24/2013 at 01:00 PM ET
    Way to go team - we've blown past our goal and are at $3,240 raised so far! Keep it up!
  3. Tricia CiampaTricia... 05/02/2013 at 05:09 PM ET
    Wohoo! Way to go team! We're making real progress in raising funds to create jobs for people with disabilities! Thank you!