Preventing Cholera in Sierra Leone


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"Preventing Cholera in Sierra Leone" is a team to help MISSION WORLD prevent cholera cases and cholera deaths in the Jui Community.

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Donations are used to provide cholera prevention education, clean drinking water containers, and household water purification products in the Jui community of Sierra Leone.

Right now, we are making an urgent appeal for financial support. Our shipments of cholera prevention supplies to the Jui community have started. We are already helping over 750 children and adults, but we need to help thousands more.

Donations will have a direct, immediate impact on peoples' lives by preventing cholera cases and cholera deaths.

Team Captain

Steve Tiemann Steve Tiemann

  1. Steve TiemannSteve... 07/10/2013 at 11:23 AM ET
    We need your help. Thank you for your prayers and your hard work.