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"PRERI" a team to help the PAWS RANCH EQUINE RESCUE. .We are totally dependent on private donations to support rehabilitation of the horses


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Paws Ranch Equine Rescue has been an important part of my life for more than 8 years. I chose PRERI because every horse I’ve ever had growing up came from a rescue and PRERI treats every horse with compassionate care.

Help us to fundraise to keep helping the horses receive medical care. Their are many ways you can make donations! You to can make donations and also help spread the word about this organization to your friends and family. You can donate towards Medical Care,Farrier Care, Dental Care, Feed or Supplements or Barn Supplies needed to give compassionate care to our rescued horses.

On behalf of everyone here we'd like to thank you for your support. We are a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Volunteer Based Organization. Your Donation is Tax Deductable!

For example, Cloe is a sweet appalossa who was starved to almost death. She had the will to fight to stay alive. I’ve never thought she would make it, but she amazes us every day and the sparkle has returned to her eyes.

Rollo is a blind 4yr old Rocky Mountain Horse. He has sevre uvitis and is almost completely blind, but he wants to please us and is the most giving horse in the group.

And Koda, a calico (tri color) paint horse, came to us with squamous cell carcinom of his eylids and eye, and COPD, which was easily treated with medication

Team Captain

Delores Hanser Delores Hanser

By stopping the abuse and neglect of Equine with compassionate care and understanding.