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"Pony Up! for C.A.R. 2014" a team to help the riders and horses of Center for Adaptive Riding

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Cindy Salyer

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Gilbert Family

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Gina Golledge

Laila Loves Horses - Support Pony Up 2014!

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The horses of CAR

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Riders, volunteers, staff and community members can join this team! Together we can make a gigantic difference by improving the lives of people with physical, cognitive, emotional or mental health challenges.

Your donation to Center for Adaptive Riding makes a huge impact on the lives of our riders and our horses! Give to help our special riders find their own strengths through the power of the horse!

People with special needs often see themselves as unable to do many things. Here at the Center for Adaptive Riding, an individual's ABILITIES are the focus. It is a path of self-discovery, as our students achieve new skills and reach goals that they may have thought were impossible.

Serving individuals and families from Northern Nevada and Northeastern California since 2007.

  • Our mission is to be the leading horsemanship organization for individuals of all abilities by providing quality equine assisted activities that enrich the lives of our participants, their families and the community.

Through individualized lesson plans with the riders' personal goals in mind, skills are developed that are generalized into the community at large.

All of our instructors have passed stringent testing through PATH International. PATH has been around for over 40 years, and is committed to safety and professionalism in the world of equine assisted activities and therapies.

Improvements seen in our students include increased balance, coordination, strength, independence, communication, and social skills.

Children and adults, ages 4 and up, are served through our programs.

Often overlooked is the difference made with our volunteers. Giving their time, talents and resources so that others can experience the sheer delight of being with horses, gives a sense of worthiness and contribution for them, too. Over 4,000 hours were given for our incredible riders and horses last year alone!

Volunteers attend a 10+ hour training to give them hands on experience to prepare them for their roles before they work with our special riders and horses.

And, indeed, our horses are the heart of all of our programs! Amazingly present critters that have excellent manners, accepting minds, and fun personalities!

Center for Adaptive Riding is a federally designated 501c3, ID# 26-2361245. We are incorporated in the state of Nevada and registered with Nevada's Secretary of State.

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The horses of CAR The horses of CAR

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