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Climbing 30,000 feet to raise $30,000 for Marin Humane Society


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Our cycling team, Pollo del Mar will be cycling in France in July 2011 with the individual goal of each member of the team climbing 30,000 feet and covering 500 KM in just four days up and over some of the most famous climbs in the French Alps: Alpe d’Huez, Galibier, Sestrieres, Col d’Izoard, and several others. We’ll be tracing the route of the pro riders and the Tour de France as it rolls through the mountains on its way to Paris.

Inspired by our team mascots (Bailey and Rollie) - rescues from Marin Humane Society - our team will be training regularly, collectively logging 10,000+ miles to prepare for this big-mountain effort, and along the way we are raising money to support Marin Humane Society and their mission to care for more than 9,000 homeless animals each year. We first met the wonderful folks at Marin Humane Society when we adopted our awesome kitties – Bailey and Rollie – in April 2009. We’ve been big fans ever since.

Goal: We aim to raise at least $30,000 or $1 for every foot each of us will climb through the French Alps to support Main Humane Society and their programs to reunite hundreds of lost animals with their owners, assist seniors and the disabled with pet care, educate school children and adults about humane animal care, and place 98 percent of animals available for adoption into new homes. Read more about Main Humane Society - www.marinhumanesociety.org.

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