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On June 11th, 2011, our group will hike the Pohono Trail in Yosemite, one of the most challenging hikes after Half Dome. Our chosen path will take us over 13 miles with a 3700 ft elevation gain.

Our charity for this event is the Knock Foundation, an organization that tackles poverty by partnering with local populations to develop and sustain various objectives. With their original areas of focus in Tanzania and Kenya, the Foundation appealed to the Pohono hike organizer Ken, who traveled to these countries with is wife Nina in 2002. The guest speaker is Barry Krowne, CPA and Founder, Director and Financial Advisor of the Knock Foundation. His daughter Kim, a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, is also a Founder and a Managing Director who actively works in these communities. Here is an excerpt from Kim's writings. See more at http://www.knockfoundation.org/

"He greeted us and us him and after a moment, we asked why he was sitting in there. He answered that the pigpen was nicer and more comfortable than his home. ... it is an experience like this that continues to drive my passion for change and betterment, a passion that was sparked in me four years ago upon arriving in Tanzania just out of college. I have been in Tanzania ever since, working and learning every single day. This is a place where people find joy in what seems like sorrow; a place where giving is paramount, even when it seems like there is nothing to give. There is nothing else I'd rather be doing than working towards providing opportunity, hope, and a better future."

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  1. Ken LeeKen Lee 05/20/2011 at 02:49 PM ET
    Guys, I am excited that Barry is taking precious time from his practice to join us at our event. He once raised $60,000 for Knock Foundation via his Kilimanjaro summit, and he's going to share that experience along with his expertise in tax planning, non-profits, karate, tennis, and more!