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The Play Spaces Project will provide new toys, equipment, and safety infrastructure for Rosemount Center’s indoor and outdoor play areas.

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Rosemount Center's Play Spaces Project

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Rosemount is raising funds to provide new toys and play equipment for the Center’s indoor and outdoor play spaces to provide all the Center’s children with ample opportunities for physical and imaginative play. This funding will support Rosemount’s mission “to prepare children for their future” by promoting learning through play and by improving the physical and social-emotional development of all our children.

You can help us make the Play Spaces Project a reality by creating your own personalized fundraising page and sharing it with your friends and family.

Research supports the concept that play is an important part of a young child’s education, allowing him/her to explore, be creative, stay healthy, and learn to cooperate. The integration of different types of play also benefits children in multiple ways: play with manipulatives and objects increases achievement in critical math and language skills; physical play is linked to lower levels of obesity later in life; and imaginative play helps children develop important social-emotional skills.

Rosemount uses the Creative Curriculum®, combining the latest research and a forward-thinking approach to learning – one that honors creativity and respects the role that teachers play in making learning child-centered, exciting and relevant for every child. Research also shows that children living in poverty often do not have access to safe places to play near their home and thus early childhood education centers play a critical role in providing these children an opportunity for safe play and healthy development.

If each Rosemount family is able to raise just $100 from people who know and care about your child(ren), we will reach our goal in no time!*

Funding for this project will:

  • Replace used equipment and toys for the Center’s indoor play spaces, including new tumbling mats and geometric shapes, as well as new balls for indoor use.

  • Replace used equipment and toys for the Center’s outdoor playgrounds, including new tricycles and helmets, wagons, balls, and water play toys.

*Any money raised beyond our goal amount will be applied to Rosemount’s general operating fund which covers the gap between tuition or government subsidized spaces and the full cost of services Rosemount provides.

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