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"Platinum Team" a team to help the SHECHINAH MINISTRIES INC...


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Teresa needs monthly support in order to continue doing the work God had called her to do in Honduras. You are my voices, my personal Aaron, the ones who hold up my arms as I minister. I have never asked for monthly support for myself before only for prayer but now I am asking for both! I have always spent from my personal money and what God touched people's hearts to send, however my board of directos has encourged me and some have even pushed me to change that. So here I am, kicking my pride in the teeth and asking dor help. I am looking for monthly support in order to be able to continue to do the work which the Lord has called me to do. You are my voices, my helpers, friends who have known me for years, people who love me and know that I am following God. You are aware of my ministry to orphaned and abandoned children, you are aware of the ministry to sexually abused children, you are aware of the medical teams which I bring to this country, you are aware that I give away hundreds of wheelchairs every year, you know I work with gang members, you know I have eye teams in rural areas, you know I help other missionaries and ministries in need. Please share my story with your friends. I need your help. The goal we have is to raise $5, 250 a month in regular support.

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Teresa Searcy Teresa Searcy