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We love our pitbulls!! There are so many pitbulls that are put down everyday because of over-breeding and irresponsible owners. It's just so unfair that they have such a horrible reputation, yet make the most wonderful, loving, loyal pets. They truely are a misunderstood breed. People need to be educated. All of these dogs losing their lives has to stop. It is rescues like Secondhand Hounds that help to save the lives of many pitbulls and other animals everyday. Without them so many more precious animals would meet a horrible fate. The only way for the rescues to continue to help these animals is through donations. This year we are doing a no kill walk to raise money. The walk is on May 4th, 2013. The event has been very successful in the past and last year raised $11,000. That's a lot of lives saved. Please consider dontating to our cause and help us to continue the fight to save innocent lives. Any amount is appreciated!! THANK YOU!!!!

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Sara Romdenne Sara Romdenne

Raising money for the non-profit animal rescues to keep doing what they do: save animals

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