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Helping Lunches for Learning break the cycle of poverty by changing the trajectory of the lives of Honduran kids living in extreme poverty

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We recently experienced graduation season here in the US. Our students are passing a significant milestone in their lives - a milestone we often take for granted. Graduation in Honduras is not automatic given the poverty they struggle with. Would you help me raise funds to ensure this same milestone is possible for poor and hungry students in Honduras?

Lunches for learning exists to break the cycle of poverty in rural Honduras by providing nutritious and balanced lunches to public elementary school children; thereby allowing these children to remain in school so they can complete the sixth grade and enter the workforce as literate individuals.

Honduras is among the poorest nations in the world with much of the population living below the poverty level, earning only less than $2 per day. However, statistics show that a child who earns a sixth grade education has hope for breaking the cycle of poverty because they learn basic reading, writing and math skills that open future doors. This is the foundation of the Lunches for Learning mission.

Please join my team in helping to fund the lunch program already in place at one specific school. The school is named Napoleon Arias Cristales, where the 152 students are currently receiving a daily lunch, but without the benefit of a sponsor to cover the costs. A gift of $150 will provide lunch to one student for the entire school year, while $300 will feed two students. If we reach our team goal of $3,500, we will be ensuring that nearly two dozen of these students will continue to receive lunches, remain in school and be able to continue toward the milestone of graduation.

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