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Guilford Kids Raise Money to Benefit Forgotten Felines, a no kill cat/kitten shelter.

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  • allen f.: GO! GO! GO! GO!...
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  • Sarah C. Kellogg: Nice work Emily, Evan & Ethan. Your Grandma would be proud!...
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  • Christine McGrath: Thanks for making a difference in the world Emily,Evan and Ethan!
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  • Jennifer Sullivan: good luck guys. Your doing a wonderful thing...
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  • melanie dinicola: Ride like the wind....good luck and congratulations on a job well done, Em,...
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  • Bruce Freeman: good luck Emily, Evan and Ethan! from all the Freeman Roman's
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  • Albert Song: 2 cats we adopted, Fiona & Shadow "trained" us both, lovely cats!!
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  • Elena J Song: Go, Guilford Song Kids!
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  • Kristin Song: Good for all the kids who are stepping up to the plate to help save one...
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Emily, Evan, Ethan Song, Joel and Addie Raiti and Michael Carbone are pedaling for paws! Emily, Evan, Joel and Michael will be training to do a 25 mile bike ride while Addie and Ethan will be training to do a 10 mile bike ride. All the money raised will go directly to saving neglected and abused cats/kittens. Because of the economy Forgotten Felines' shelter is at capacity. We are also hoping to raise awareness of the shelter and hopefully encourage adoptions. This event will take place on October 1, 2011. See for more details.

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