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Help us ensure the November elections do not turn violent and both political parties will accept the outcome regardless of who wins.


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Peaceful Elections in Sierra Leone

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In the U.S., we take peaceful elections for granted. But in Sierra Leone, a country still healing from a brutal civil war, each political election brings with it the threat of fierce violence and renewed fighting.

Without peaceful elections, Sierra Leone cannot move forward and build the strong government, economy, infrastructure, and social structure its people need to get out of poverty – a poverty so desperate it makes many poor people in the U.S. look rich.

As volunteers for Mediators Beyond Borders International, our team needs your help. We have been asked by the people of Sierra Leone to help them avoid another bloody conflict threatening their November presidential election. But we need your help to travel to Sierra Leone and put our peacekeeping skills to work.

We have set much of the groundwork all ready. Through our efforts, a national peacekeeping coalition is in place and gaining strength. With your help and our counsel, the coalition will learn peacekeeping skills and spread the word about tolerance and accepting the outcome of the election regardless of which side wins.

Following the elections, we will continue to work toward an endusing peace and a stronger, safer, and more prosperous future for the people of Sierra Leone,

The November elections are so close. We must act quickly. This is your opportunity to build a more peaceful Sierra Leone. Can you help by donating before October 1?

Thank you for your help. Rest assured, your donation is greatly appreciated and spent wisely.

Team Captain

Barbara Graettinger Barbara Graettinger