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The cast of the play, The Invitation brings the embodiment of 8 Nobel Peace Laureates to the Parliament of the World's religions.


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The INVITATION reveals the human urge toward compassion and reason, love and cooperation through the lives of eight people honored with the Nobel Peace Prize for their life’s work.

Here a scientist, ambassador, judge, nun, doctor, ruler, minister and officer worker come together to share their ideas. Their paths to peace are as diverse as the countries and cultures of their origins. Their hopes, as universal as the world they share. Their faith in humanity’s ability to transcend whatever separates us to manifest a world worthy of our intelligence, is yours to share. Allowing their minds to touch your own, their thoughts to cast light on yours, brings the rich experience of reverence.

THE INVITATION engages the heart and opens the mind to the possibilties of peace. Every member of the cast is a student at the School of Metaphysics, dedicated to achieving peace, contentment, and security in themselves while serving to teach others. Each of us has dedicated years to spiritual practices, service and teaching in addition to embodying the laureate we portray, making their hearts and minds part of our own.

This year, the Invitation will be performed at the Parliament of the World's Religions in Salt Lake City Utah. Each of us have dedicated our lives to actualizing concepts of Universal Peace in ourselves. We now have the honor of bringing the spirit of Peace through each of the 8 laureates to the spiritual leaders of the world. We need your help getting their voices to the stage!

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