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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$1,185 raised of $5,000
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"Prison Book Program Summer Read A Thon" a team to help the PRISON BOOK PROGRAM raise funds needed to mail books to prisoners.


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Christine O'Neill

Christine O'Neill fundraising for PBP Summer Read A Thon

$830 18


Eve Taggart

Eve Taggart fundraising for PBP Summer Read A Thon

$265 6


Briana Ellenberger

Briana Ellenberger fundraising for PBP Summer Read A Thon

$90 3


Marlene Cook

Marlene's Summer Read a Thon for Prison Book Program

$25 0


Joyce Tanner

Joyce Tanner fundraising for PBP Summer Read A Thon

$0 0


Charlotte Alger

Charlotte's Book Web

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Kara Whaley

Kara's ONE MILLION Word Challenge

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Bill Wiemers

Bill Wiemers and his students fundraising with Read-A-Thon

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Cassie Ebeling

Cassie Ebeling fundraising for PBP Summer Read A Thon

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Lily Kaplan

Lily Kaplan fundraising for PBP Summer Read A Thon

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We are starting a new tradition at PBP – the summer Read-A-Thon! Pledge to read a specific number of books, pages or words and ask your friends to sponsor you with donations to the Prison Book Program. It’s kind of like running the marathon for charity – only you are chilling out with a book instead of running 26 miles! All funds raised will be used to mail books to prisoners.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy -

  1. Look for the “Join This Team” box on the right side of the page and click “fundraise.”
  2. Come up with a creative name for your fundraiser.
  3. Fill out the "View," "Edit," "Images/Videos" and "Thank Dnoors" tabs along the top to complete your page:
  4. Use the page to tell your friends about your summer reading plans and your involvement in the Prison Book Program.
  5. Be sure to check out our collection of artwork, photos, thank yous and more for graphics you can use to inspire your friends.

Start Fundraising

Then start fundraising! Share your personal Razoo page everywhere:

  • Post it to Facebook and Twitter
  • Email it to your family and friends
  • Post pictures of the books you’re reading on Instagram
  • Tell people about it the old fashioned way – in person.
  • Call your mother. Call your grandmother. (They want to hear from you!)
  • Get creative and get the word out!

All funds raised will fund postage for mailing books. Every $3 you raise means another prisoner reading!


Raise more than $500 by the end of September and we’ll send you a Prison Book Program T-shirt. T-shirts will be mailed to all winners in October.


Contact info@prisonbookprogram.org.

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