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Pay It Forward - TEAM DRUMMERS is a team to help Pay It Forward to the next generation of Conservation Ambassadors.


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Katie Cassidy

Pay It Forward to the Next Generation of Conservation Ambassadors

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Michele Kittell

Pay It Forward to the Next Generation of Conservation Ambassadors

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Alec Baker

Support Future Conservation Leaders!

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Any student who has graduated from the Pennsylvania Drummers Field School is a part of TEAM DRUMMERS. Our goal is to raise funds to Pay It Forward to students who will attend the Field School in 2015. Pennsylvania Drummers is a great experience for all; from the students who participate to the volunteers who make the magic of the program happen, everyone leaves Field School with a new sense of accomplishment, confidence, and motivation to work hard to promote wildlife conservation. We know this program makes a difference and we want to continue sharing this experience with as many Conservation Ambassadors as we can!
We will faceoff with Team Bucktails and Team Brookies. Deer and trout may be agile and stealthy, but grouse are clever and resourceful creatures. They are intelligent and passionate fighters. We hope to use these characteristics to kick the Bucktails' and Brookies' tails! Of course, this competition is all in good fun as it is the students, members of their communities, and wildlife that ultimately benefit. So please help us Pay It Forward by supporting our team. GO DRUMMERS!
To learn more about the Wildlife Leadership Academy, visit

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Michele Kittell Michele Kittell

I work to empower and support the next generation of youth to speak for wildlife conservation!