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"PAVE a Mile" is changing the lives of survivors and the conversation surrounding sexual assault.

PAVE (Promoting Awareness | Victim Empowerment) is changing the lives of survivors and the conversation surrounding sexual assault. PAVE’s vision is to transform every victim into a survivor and every survivor into a thriver.

PAVE is a national, 501(c)3 nonprofit determined to shatter the silence and heal survivors of sexual violence. We’re the only organization working to both prevent sexual violence and transform the lives of those affected through education, social advocacy and survivor support. PAVE works with the entire community in a positive and proactive way in order to empower everyone to join the conversation. Our goal is to help all victims become survivors and eventually thrivers. To help achieve these goals, we follow the following pillars, the foundation to our work at PAVE:

Prevention Education—addressing the issue at a grassroots and the cultural level

PAVE has educated over 50,000 college students and 2,500 professionals, including therapists, crisis advocates, law enforcers, and our military professionals. We continue to educate college students across the nation, and this fall, we will launch our high school curricula to distribute to seniors across the country, educating and interacting with them during an important time of change in their lives. PAVE uses research, group interaction, and multi-media education to guarantee the best and most informative experience. Additionally, PAVE’s Speaker Bureau arranges interactive speaking engagements at colleges nationwide to shatter the silence of sexual violence.

Social Advocacy—Working with educators, legislators, and the community

PAVE actively works with individuals, communities, and lawmakers through our outreach efforts in order to change perspectives on sexual assault. Our most effective campaigns to date have been Art for Awareness and the Binding Project. Many of our Art for Awareness exposés aim to promote self-reflective healing as well as bring awareness to new and learning communities. The Binding Project seeks to help individuals use their trauma and inner challenges as a way to heal and empower themselves. This fall, PAVE is launching our #ConsentIs Campaign, which aims to spark a revolution and create a culture of respect. In addition to our direct personal efforts, PAVE has also launched multiple campaigns across the country and worked with politicians to change laws in several states.

Healing and Transformation—From victims to survivors to thrivers

The last tenant of PAVE focuses on those already affected by sexual violence by helping them transform from victim to survivor, and from survivor to thriver. PAVE has started many initiatives to achieve this goal, from Healing Conferences across the U.S. to a virtual community for survivors to share their stories. PAVE has also developed healing webinars that video series, workshops, and proven therapeutic methods to encourage the healing transformation. We aim to destroy harmful stigmas associated with sexual violence and allow spaces where survivors realize the power of their own voices.

PAVING THE WAY—Are you ready to join the conversation and end sexual violence?

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