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A project by GCE graduates to save you the time lost looking for papers everywhere.


name dollars donors is a project made not primarily for profit by GCE graduates to save other students the time wasted looking for GCE Alevel and I GCSE past papers, mark schemes, grade boundaries and resources all over the web. We estimate that thousands of hours are being wasted by students in the UK and all over the world looking for the past exams and other resources, especially when looking for a rare or a recent paper. We believe that exam boards are not classifying the resources for students the way they should which has a very adverse effect on them. We spent thousands of hours collecting the papers, classifying them, harvesting and coding the website so other students.
Our aim is to see students spending less time on looking for resources than actually studying or doing other beneficial activities. You should not waste your time!

Team Captain

Ramy Omar Ramy Omar