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Raising funds for our Balance Missions Trip to Panama!


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Panama City is one of the gateways to human trafficking in Central America. 1 in 5 containers that travel through the Panama Cannel carries trafficked girls in it. Incest is also prevalent in many homes in the city and has become an open door for girls to be easily persuaded into the sex slave industry. Girls literally do not want to go home at the end of the day. Panama City officials want to do everything they can to make the city known for being a safe and life-giving place for these girls to grow up. We have been invited to host a conference for young girls in the city this summer. And they have even opened public schools for the Gospel to be shared in the classrooms because they know the kind of positive difference God’s Word makes in people’s lives (this is not a Christian government). The people are incredibly open and hungry for God’s truth and the true hope found only in Christ.

We are incredibly thankkful for the opportunity we have to connect with missionaries Gerritt and Tara Kenyon, and hlep facilitate their conference. Our travel dates are from July 14 through July 25. The cost of our trip is $1600 per person. Please prayerfully consider donating towards this cause and may the Lord bless you richly!!

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