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"Palmer Sisters - $1K In 1 Day!" a team to help the DOMESTIC ABUSE PROJECT INC...


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    about $1K in 1 Day

Sonia, Sarah and Alyssa are joining forces to support DAP's Spring Campaign 2013.

Growing up in the Palmer family home may have been loud and chaotic, but for some of our friends it was a safe haven. A place where chores and boundaries made a child feel protected, safe and loved. Each of us had friends whose lives were touched by domestic abuse and it is with those special people in mind that we attempt to raise $1,000 in one day -- TODAY!

DAP is where Sonia works - and she sees the children who come to DAP and is often reminded of our childhood pals. The funding we raise today will support DAP's program for children who witness domestic abuse. A program that allows a child to feel safe - to learn that the abuse they are witnessing is not their fault - and to understand that abuse is not okay.

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