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Help the Friends of H C Homeless buy a house for homeless youth. To join the paddle, click on “Fundraise” to the right of this box.


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Rick Hart

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Kate Vishnyakov

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Athena Stylos

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Sharon S

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Alex Kiriakopoulos

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Dawn Creighton

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Each year we see dozens of unaccompanied homeless youth aged 18-24 in Hampshire County shelters; other homeless youth are couch surfing, "doubled up", or living on the streets. Some have aged out of the state foster care system. Some have been rejected by their families. Some have lost their support systems and their bearings in other ways. All are at high risk of transitioning into long-term, chronic homelessness.

The best way of helping them is to provide housing with wrap-around support services, a model used successfully in Franklin County for years by youth services agency DIAL/SELF. We will buy and set up a house in Northampton, and turn it over to DIAL/SELF to manage, bringing their support programs to the greater Northampton area. The program goal is to enable each young participant to rebuild a new, healthy life and become a productive member of the community.

We have already raised over $530,000; we are over 2/3 of the way to our goal. Please help us raise the remaining funds we need to offer a helping hand to these young people who so much need one!

We have a matching grant offer which will double all donations up to the $4000 point. (This will not count towards the prizes described below.)

There will be prizes for the three fundraisers who raise the most funds! Third place: $25 gift certificate for Sam's Outfitters; second place: $50 gift certificate for Sam's; first place: $100 Amazon gift certificate. NOTE: the "Rick Hart" fundraiser will NOT count in the awards ranking. Partly because it's the organizer, and partly because it will be used as a general one for folks to donate who aren't giving through an individual paddler.

The paddle will start from 10:30 to 11:00 in Sunderland, and proceed downriver to the new Northampton boat ramp, followed by picnic refreshments from 2:00 to 4:00. There will be shuttle service to get folks back to their cars, if needed. Call 413-320-1886 for details.

Paddle participants must have at least some experience paddling (no whitewater experience needed; this is all flatwater.) All participants must provide their own equipment, including at least: boat, paddle(s), and PFD(s). All participants must sign a waiver. A five dollar one-time registration fee will be requested of each paddler, but will be covered by the sponsoring group if needed.

Team Captain

Rick Hart Rick Hart

  1. Rick HartRick Hart 09/01/2016 at 09:23 PM ET
    Also Lily of the delicious gluten free cookies donated $20.00 through Athena!
  2. Rick HartRick Hart 09/01/2016 at 09:21 PM ET
    Offline donations doesn't let me add a comment, so I'll put it here. Sharon S. had a donation in her honor of $75.00 by Susan Riter & Sarah Neely, who included a note: "Go, Paddler, Go!! (Bless your heart)" - Sally & Sue
  3. Rick HartRick Hart 08/27/2016 at 03:55 PM ET
    I just heard that, with luck, we may have some elegant music during our after-paddle picnic!
  4. Rick HartRick Hart 08/26/2016 at 11:38 PM ET
    Sunday is supposed to be beautiful: hot, but not nearly as bad as the 14th. Since it IS going to be hot & sunny, you might want to have a hat, sunblock, and plenty to drink, besides the obligatory PFD (life jacket.) The put-in is in Sunderland, right next to the blue bridge over the river. From the intersection of Rte.s 116 & 47 in the middle of Sunderland -- where there's a traffic light -- go north just a few feet on 47, and then turn left on School St towards the river. There will be lawn signs at both intersections with our yellow kayak image, "PADDLE FOR HOME!", and an arrow. A block or two down School St is the Sunderland Library on the R. Just after that, on the left by a large sycamore tree, is a dirt driveway down to the access. Only two cars at a time fit comfortably! We'll try to have someone at the end of the driveway to let you know if you need to wait. After unloading, cars should be driven back to the library & parked there. Or if two people arrive together and can carry their boats from the library down to the river, that's fine too (it would be about a long block.) We expect the paddle to take about 4-5 hours, depending on how fast we go. Please arrive at 10:45 or earlier (I plan to be there from 10:00 at least) so we can start by 11. The take-out is the new Northampton boat ramp, near the sharp curve in the river at the tip of the Honeypot. The land access to the ramp is off of Damon Rd, just on the river side of the I-91 bridge over Damon. There's a convenience store, Mock's, on the corner -- and a sign saying "Northampton Community Rowing". There will also be a lawn sign at that intersection. Rowers will meet the paddlers a bit up the river (they won't come the whole way from Sunderland with the paddlers -- it would be torture for them, like greyhounds trying to slow down enough to walk with turtles!) At the end there will be sandwiches, chips, snack bars, fruit, cookies, fruit juice & water. And cars to shuttle folks back to their cars in Sunderland. Any questions, call me at 413-320-1886. We're already just about halfway to our goal! I'll send out some appeal messages afterwards, but if any of you can think of a couple of other people to ask for support, that would help too. The fundraiser is open for donations until Sept. 15. See you Sunday! - Rick
  5. Rick HartRick Hart 08/13/2016 at 11:49 PM ET
    We will be postponing the event until August 28. Though the likelihood of thunderstorms has gone down, it's still supposed to be in the 90s most of the day, with a heat index of up to 100. This raises real health concerns, besides meaning that many of us wouldn't find it the fun event we want. I hope that most of you can still join the paddle on the 28th! The fundraising piece goes into September, so we can still work on that. Please let me know you got this message, either by messaging here, or emailing me at: Meanwhile, stay cool!