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"Our Team Thanks You For Your Sacrifice" a team to help fund the Austin Aker's Family Cruise


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As many of you know, Austin Aker's, a Siemens Service Account Executive out of the Tallahassee branch has been deployed for nearly a year to Afghanistan. Some of us have kept track on Facebook and via email. The strain this has put on his fammily is very well known to me because I went through a similar deployment in 2003. Returning home and reconnecting with your family that has been "functioning" without you for year is difficult at best. Tracy Raulerson has been a strong advocate and volunteered to help organize the "Friends of Austin Akers" funding campaign to provide a fitting welcome home gift. But first, just a few words about Austin.

Austin graduated high school in only 3 years, joining the Army at age 17. Due to the fact Austin was a minor, his mother had to sign and approve his enlistment into the military. Austin then went on to attend and receive his degree at UCF, receiving his military commission in May, 2001. On 9/11/2001, (yes, 9/11), Austin was headed to Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri for training, one of several locations he and his family have been stationed his 18 years serving our country; Stuttgart, Germany, Ft. Lewis, Washington, Jacksonville, FL. This is the 3rd time Austin has deployed away from his family oversees for a year. He's spent 2 years in Iraq (2003-2004, 2006-2007) and this past year in Afghanistan (2012-2013).

To this, Tracy would like to add that "often times we are not directly engaged, or close enough to a family to witness the Family's sacrifice for our country. As you will see in the picture below, Austin has 3 small children, all of whom are still in elementary school.

If you would liek to show your support for Austin and his family we have worked with Carnival Cruise Lines and they have offered us a significant discount on a cruise so that family can reconnect and Austin can relax before coming back to work in the civilian world. Carnival is offering us the ability to purchase a 4 night, 5 day ticket to the Caribbean for the 5 of them, for just under $2,000, a 56% discount. (everything included).

Please make your contribution to this site. Our goal is to have this fully funded by Thanksgiving so that we may then present the cruise at a surprise gathering at the sirport, to he and his family upon his return; SURPRISE!

Do not feel "obligated" to give; donations only! Your participation should be as you see fit. After all, there will be no individual contributor names on the gift. We are a team, and the gift will be presented as such; from the friends of Austin Akers at work and through the community.

Thank you for your time and consideration alike. Don't hesitate to reach out to Tracy.raulerson@siemens.com, (904) 504-7974, or David,santo@siemens.com, (954) 296-2163.

Team Captain

Tracy Raulerson Tracy Raulerson