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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$11,345 raised of $10,000
($1,600 online, $4,150 offline)

"Our Christmas Wish Team" will help COMMON HEART encourage its 'small revolution of kindness!" Please give & support one of our team members


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Keith Adams

Keith's Wish this Chirstmas

$1,725 7


Cheri Bankhead

My Christmas Wish this Year

$1,550 13


Johanna Miller

Johanna Miller fundraising for Our Christmas Wish Team

$1,275 3


Scott Lewis

Scott Lewis fundraising for Our Christmas Wish Team

$650 6


Kate Simon

Kate Simon fundraising for Our Christmas Wish Team

$400 5


Darren Greene

Darren Greene fundraising for Our Christmas Wish Team

$175 5


Bob Faulkner

Bob Faulkner fundraising for Our Christmas Wish Team

$75 2


Dana Hinson

Dana Hinson fundraising for Our Christmas Wish Team

$50 1


Beckie Johnston

Beckie Johnston fundraising for Our Christmas Wish Team

$0 0


Common Heart

Common Heart fundraising for Our Christmas Wish Team

$0 18


Joy Odom

Joy Odom fundraising for Our Christmas Wish Team

$0 0

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Please join the "Our Christmas Wish" team. We need your help to reach out goal of providing groceries to 200 families and raising $5,000 toward the purchase of a "new" box truck!

Each year we continue to grow in our service to our community. At the end of 2014 we will have served over 7500 famiilies this year.

We have two goals for this year's Year End Campaign.

In October our faithful box truck drove its last mile. We have been renting trucks as weeekly and using a variety of volunteer vehichles to support the logistical needs of the cupboard. In January we are looking to buy a "new" truck. Help us by donating.

Our second goal is to provide for 200 families. It costs $25 to provide a weeks worht fo groceries to a family.

Together our goal is $10,000 and whatever is raised will be split 50/50 between these two needs.

Razoo's platform gives us the opportunity to pull together a team reach out to friends and see our progress toward our goal.

CLICK Join the team. Set your goal. Help extend this "small revolution of kindness."

I have created a default page for you, but I encourage you to make it personal. Follow the instructions on the side panel to fill out your page. It is easy.

Couple suggestions.

  • Plan on giving yourself. Start out your page by donating a small amount. This will encourage people to give.
  • Find someone that is willing to match some of the money you raise. You can add them as a matching grant partner. There is an option to remain anonymous. HINT: This could be you.
  • Once your page is complete, email a short note to everyone on your email list. Give them a link and ask them to give. You will be surprised who will help you reach your goal.
  • Make sure to send a second email out right after Christmas. The last 3 days of the year our the biggest online giving days of the year!
  • POST IT ON FACEBOOK EVERY DAY! Post it at different times each day. If you use Facebook a lot, post it every time you log on. If you do not go on daily, get your kids, spouse, a friend to post it. Got to get the word out.
  • Print out the page and post it at work with the link or pass it to friends.
  • Let everyone you know about your "Pinch the Grinch" page.

Let's see what we can do to make our wishes come true!

Team Captain

Keith Adams Keith Adams