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"OTG-The Next Level" is a team to help On The Ground reach their next level. Building infrastructure to continue the good work they do.


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Timothy Fitzgerald Young

Timothy Young fundraising for On The Ground - The Next Level

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Chris Treter

Chris Treter fundraising for The Next Level!!

$1,429 12


Norm Plumstead

Norm Plumstead fundraising for OTG-The Next Level

$1,200 5


Sean Burns

Sean Burns is supporting On The Ground's fundraising campaign "OTG - The Next Level".

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Matthew Desmond

Matthew Desmond fundraising for OTG-The Next Level

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Jack Seaman

Jack Seaman fundraising for "OTG-The Next Level"

$500 1


On The Ground

On The Ground(Randi) fundraising for OTG-The Next Level!

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Chelsea Bay Dennis

Chelsea Bay Dennis fundraising for OTG-The Next Level

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Jen Cichowski

Jen Cichowski fundraising for The Big Push!

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Woody Smith

Woody Smith fundraising for The Big Push!

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Norm Plumstead

Norm Plumstead fundraising for The Big Push!

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Join On The Ground and the board of directors in continuing our work to support sustainable community development in farm regions across the world.

Our GOAL for "The Next Level" is to raise money to support our infrastructure of On The Ground. This includes the funds that are needed for daily operations including an improved website, wages for more staff time, printing brochures, postage and so much more.

Our team has decided to launch an end of the year fundraising campaign to keep the momentum of our work going. This campaign will help ensure that we can successfully roll out the 2014 year with our planned project work in Chiapas, Ethiopia, Palestine & optimistically more countries around the world.

While we have accomplished a lot with very little staff and office needs, we need your help to continue our work and grow our infrastructure. This year, we would like to hire our first full-time staff member, improve our website and communication to our supporters and also begin work on more projects in more regions around the world.

We need to hit our end of the year fundraising goal to stay on schedule with these important objectives. Please join our efforts!

You are welcome to send a check made out to "On The Ground" to PO Box 694, Traverse City, MI 49685. We can record your contribution here to show our collective progress towards our goal.

On The Ground’s purpose is to support sustainable community development in farming regions across the world.

We accomplish this mission by partnering with other philanthropic agencies, donors, and communities to provide opportunities for indigenous communities around the globe to build lasting infrastructure. In concert with sustainable trading practices by OTG partners, this infrastructure makes it possible for these communities to create real and meaningful prosperity for all their citizens.


  • Chiapas Water Project - Since 2005 OTG has worked with indigenous communities to build wells and bring fresh clean drinking water to over 300 families. OTG has worked in over 7 different communities in the Chiapas region and trained over 80 project managers.
  • Project Ethiopia - Through the "Run Across Ethiopia" in 2011, OTG has constructed three schools that directly serve over 1500 children, funds a school nutrition program, & provides scholarships for young women. In 2013 OTG raised money to build a library in Hase Gola benefiting over 700 students while also providing adult literacy classes.
  • Project Palestine - Through the "Run Across Palestine" in 2012, OTG has funded the planting of thousands of olive trees.


By 2020, every farm community doing business with On the Ground partners will show significant benefit from our work, measured by the physical infrastructure and well-being made possible by their access to CLEAN WATER, HEALTHCARE, and EDUCATION from On The Ground projects.


On The Ground (OTG) was established by a small group of individuals who are passionate about and involved in the Fair Trade movement. They were driven to go BEYOND fair trade, as even a fair price alone cannot lift people out of poverty. So it began. After 5 years of building clean drinking water wells in Chiapas Mexico, OTG was formed in 2010 to branch out to farming communities around the world that were asking for help, to bring education, water and healthcare.


  • INTEGRITY – We value integrity in all of our business and personal dealings.
  • CULTURE – We honor and respect the individual culture of each of our farm communities & partners.
  • EQUALITY – We believe in the equality of all people, and that they should have equal opportunity to thrive, prosper, and live happily.
  • TRANSPARENCY – We maintain a highly transparent organization, including its finances. No lies, no secrets.
  • RESULTS – We are focused on the results of our efforts in the communities where we work
  • EMPLOYEES & VOLUNTEERS – We put a high value on the work-life, home-life, health and well-being of our employees, volunteers, and partners.

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On The Ground On The Ground

By supporting sustainable community development in farming regions across the world.

  1. On The GroundOn The... 12/16/2013 at 04:32 PM ET
    slowly inching up the ladder!!!
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    Welcome Mr.Plumstead!!!
  3. On The GroundOn The... 10/03/2013 at 09:01 PM ET
    Timothy takes the lead...
  4. Sean BurnsSean Burns 09/27/2013 at 11:25 AM ET
    Take that Senor Young!
  5. On The GroundOn The... 09/26/2013 at 01:36 PM ET
    Way to take the lead Jen!!!