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"Opening Doors for Housing Unlimited" a team to help the HOUSING UNLIMITED INC...


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Housing Unlimited provides affordable independent housing for people who are recovering from psychiatric disabilities in Montgomery County. We buy homes and rent them for people who are ready to live on own.

As we begin our 20th Anniversary, we need to do more for the 300 people who are on our waiting list who are ready to open a new door to a new home and a new life.

Housing Unlimited iis the only affordable housing organization in Montgomery County that provides this service. What’s unique about the organization is that it is based on the model of supported independent living – housing services are provided separately from other supports so that tenants are afforded ownership of their treatments and choices in their recovery. Our “Tenant Empowerment Program” creates concrete incentives and learning opportunities for our tenants to succeed in their recovery and in their independence.

Each one of the 55 Housing Unlimited homes is fully furnished and ready for tenants to move in. The funds that Team Opening Doors raises will be used to pick up the donated furniture, purchase bedding and stock the kitchen with pots and pans so that it is ready for a new tenant to open a door.

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