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Helping support the heath care needs of Lake County


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Some children in the North West area are born with diseases at birth. Medical expenses and the commitment it takes to raise sick children can sometimes be too much for new parents. Some of these children may have medical issues that, left untreated, could be fatal. When you give to the Olga C & William H. Brinkman Fund for the Nazareth Home in East Chicago you are supporting health care for children in need. The Olga C. & William H. Brinkman Fund for The Nazareth Home in East Chicago is a licensed foster home in the suburbs of East Chicago, Indiana that accommodates such children with 24 hour medical and emotional care. The children placed in the Nazareth home have heartbreaking beginnings, some of them arriving no more than 2 pounds. Tubes and wires become part of everyday life; and in some cases even eating can be tedious, time consuming, and even painful. Each child is unconditionally loved and given a good start on life. Each child receives special individual care by a dedicated staff of 12, and by volunteers who play with them. We believe that every child deserves love. Your donation will contribute to the food, clothing, diapers, toys, medical and other necessities for our children.

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