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We're collecting donations to help an Olaf Student's family cover medical expenses after his father was in a near-fatal snowmobile accident.


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Michaela Morgan

Fundraising for St. Olaf College

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This past New Years Eve, a fellow St. Olaf student's father was in a near-fatal snowmobile accident. After being airlifted to the closet hospital, doctor's informed the family he might not make it through the night. He suffered extensive injuries, the most extensive of which was severe brain damage that left him in a coma for three weeks. During this time, doctors were extremely unsure whether he would ever come out of the coma. And if so, the chances of him becoming responsive again were slim.

Miraculously, his father has awoken since and has made large strides towards his recovery. He has moved to a special brain rehabilitation center in different state from the hospital where he stayed in January. And, he will continue to remain in rehabilitation for the months to come. Due to the severity of this accident, the medical and personal expenses will be a great financial concern for this family. So, we've created this fundraiser in hopes of alleviating that burden. Donations will go directly to this family in order to help pay for medical bills, personal expenses, traveling expenses, etc. Out of respect and for privacy, we are keeping this student's name anonymous.

We will be tabling Thursday Lunch and Friday Dinner outside of the Cafeteria. Any contribution will go directly to help this student's family in need.

About Us: A week ago our group met for the first time. We were assigned a marketing project to help raise funds for a cause. Instead of raising money for a local non-profit, we saw an opportunity to come together as Oles and help out a St. Olaf Student in need. We hope to dedicate our time beyond our class to continue this fundraiser and this group.

If you have any questions please contact our group at:

John Avino – avino@stolaf.edu

Inga E. Skavlan – skavlan@stolaf.edu

Steven Wett – wetts@stolaf.edu

Michaela Morgan – morgan@stolaf.edu

Katherine Fewer – fewerk@stolaf.edu

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