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Raising funds so 100 at-risk kids can be OKC Warriors!


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Michelle Castle

Michelle Castle fundraising for OKC Warriors Wrestling

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Michelle Castle

Michelle Castle fundraising for OKC Warriors Wrestling

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Michelle Castle

Michelle Castle fundraising for OKC Warriors Wrestling 1

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We are the coaches, mentors, leaders, and supporters of the OKC Warriors Wrestling team. Together, we're raising funds so 100 at-risk children can participate in the program for the 2015-2016 season.

Why We Exist:

Now a part of the OKC Dream Center, the OKC Warriors Wrestling team exists to build relationships between at-risk youth and caring role models through the sport of wrestling. Through the relationships built, we seek to influence each child’s behavior by teaching and modeling positive character. We exist because at-risk kids need:

Constructive Activities

Drug use, gang participation, and other negative behavior are common in the neighborhoods we target. Positive activities - like athletic teams - are not. Instead of leaving kids to the streets, we remove barriers to participation such as uniforms and transportation so that any child can participate.

Lasting Relationships

Many of the children in our program come from homes characterized by instability - families move often, food runs out, the electricity may not be on some weeks. Our leaders prioritize building and maintaining relationships with kids in our programs.

Role Models

Single-parent homes are the norm in inner city communities, and very few homes include the child’s father. We connect wrestlers with positive, safe role models through wrestling. Meanwhile, we teach character at every practice and mentoring session using the “Character First” system, and our coaches, leaders, and mentors seek to demonstrate positive character in every action.

What We Do

We build relationships and character through the sport of wrestling. Practices are held three times a week, with wrestling tournaments on the weekends. Children are also paired one-on-one with mentors to assist them with reading, school work, and character development through the context of a caring relationship. Because many of the children we serve face hunger, we serve meals at every practice and event.

Children and parents also benefit from OKC Dream Center's other programs. OKC Dream Center seeks to reach, rescue, and restore people isolated by poverty in OKC. The Dream Center achieves its mission by meeting basic needs like food and clothing, providing preventative programs to at-risk kids, and offering a relational network of referrals for assistance with housing, employment, and other issues. Visit DCOKC.org for more information on the OKC Dream Center and the OKC Warriors.

Donations given to the Warriors Wrestling team are used exclusively for that purpose. Your Gift Makes a Difference!

  • $10 provides a wrestler with a practice uniform
  • $20 provides one pair of wrestling shoes
  • $25 covers a wrestler's fees and food for a tournament
  • $35 sponsors a child for a month
  • $100 covers the cost of 100 meals at practices or mentoring
  • $400 covers the expenses of one wrestler for a year

Please help us reach our goal by the end of the year. We need funds to purchase uniforms, cover tournament costs, and feed hungry kids. Share, give, and pray, and together, we'll have the best season yet!

Team Captain

Michelle Castle Michelle Castle