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"Ohio State Fair - Traveling Team"


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We are the Pittsburgh Boxing Club. During the normal year, we are training over 100 unique fighters that take on different amateur contests. We are constantly training new people, and operate as an after-school program for the community that exists around us. On any given day we have 3-10 registered coaches teaching each person that steps foot into our gym, we do not charge for our service of providing boxing to the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area. During the time we have existed, we have put fighters into tournaments, individual fights, and provided them with equipment largely from the donations of strangers and from the pockets of the adults that frequent the facility. We want to bring 7 fighters, 3 trainers, and an official to the Ohio State Fair Invitation Boxing Tournament from (weigh-ins on July 22nd) July 23rd – July 26th. For us to do this, we would need to pay for travel for the cohort, we need to pay for food for cohort, and we need to pay for any expenses (including entrance fees, etc) during the travel to Columbus, Ohio. Currently, we are looking at an estimated budget of $2500 to do this. Normally, we would attempt to put on a boxing show to do this, but the sanction we attempted to get was not issued in time for the show to accomplish its original purpose. The backup plan we came up with was that we would have to go into debt (from the coaches’ pockets) to accomplish the travel and hotel expenses and we would hold a show on August 9th, 2014. Though this sounds like a wonderful plan, this is still an extremely uncomfortable position to take, and all of us want something better. We are hoping that petitioning for donations for our fighters to travel to the Ohio State Fair will bring more championships to the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area. We have been successful in bringing championships from the Ohio State Fair and other national tournaments, and this year, we want to bring as many as we can. Can you help us with a donation?

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Jarrell Brackett Jarrell Brackett

  1. Jarrell BrackettJarrell... 07/18/2014 at 01:00 PM ET
    We can raise this money to get the team to the Ohio State Fair. It is possible!