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"OGH Friends & Supporters" a team to help Outgrowing Hunger continue building food security and community through neighborhood gardening.


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Rachel Hammer

Every Dollar Counts!

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Marissa Winder


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Russ Ranard

Helping Hummingbirds

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Alfonso Jimenez-Pedro

Alfonso Jimeez-Pedro

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Hannah Kullberg

Hannah Kullberg

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Since we began in early 2011, you have shared Outgrowing Hunger's vision with hundreds of people: Fresh, healthy food can be affordable and accessible to all, using the resources already present within people's neighborhoods. Our work is to bring people together with vision, to build trust and community, to develop gardens, to support local leadership, and then to get behind what the community has built and push hard.

We have established partnerships across the city to begin making this vision a reality. With hundreds of hours of work from many dozens of volunteers and gardeners, this work began bearing fruit in a meaningful way in the summer of 2012.

In order to continue this work beyond the pilot phase, we are launching this fundraiser to establish a base of individual supporters, which will allow us to focus on our work instead of continual fundraising. The money and number of donors are both important: Dollars are needed to cover our administrative expenses, and donors to show future funders that the broader community is engaged in this important work.

Please share our common vision and work with your friends and contacts over the coming weeks. Invite them to become a part of Outgrowing Hunger by becoming a donor, a fundraiser, or a volunteer. If people are interested but not able to help, ask for them to "like" us on Facebook, join the newsletter or take a tour of our projects.

Let me know if you have any questions or ways I can be of support! On behalf of myself and our participants, thank you so much!

Adam Kohl, Director


Team Captain

Adam Kohl Adam Kohl