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"Support NYEP" a team to help the NEVADA YOUTH EMPOWERMENT PROJECT...


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We need your support.

Your gifts of dollars, time and in-kind donations make our mission possible!! Join our team to support local parentless and unsupported youth. Make an investment in our youth by investing in NYEP.

The average amount spent on a successful NYEP resident is between $20,721-$41,502. We need your help to reach our goal of raising $100,000 to support our Community Living Program that provides housing, food, clothing and support to unsupported and parentless local youth.

NYEP is committed to providing a safe, caring, supportive home to Northern Nevada's young women who have been removed from their residence due to circumstances beyond their control. Our program is designed to make a positive difference in their life. We provide a structured and supportive environment that encourages and cultivates personal growth by helping to develop appropriate skills and encourage appropriate risk taking all the while taking steps toward true independence.

Without your support our mission is not possible.

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