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We are doing something to make a difference! We are raising money to bring safe, accessible, sustainable water to a village in Haiti!

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Cate Lucas

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Taylor Brost

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In just one jump into a frozen lake, our team, "Nou se Pengwen" (We are Penguins, in Creole) will change lives forwever by bringing clean water to a village in Haiti. It's much more than just drilling a well. With HAITI OUTREACH's community development approach, it's about community pride and empowerment. It's about bringing life-saving water, sanitation and hygiene to hundreds of people. It's about children attending school instead of spending classroom hours fetching dirty water from distant, unsafe sources. It's about friendship and compassion across cultures. And with the presence of Cholera, it's about saving lives.

In just one jump, WE WILL MAKE A LIFE-CHANGING DIFFERENCE FOR AN ENTIRE VILLAGE! Please sponsor us for $25, $50 OR $100, or more if you can. Thank you for your generosity.

If you'd like to see us jump, come to Fish Lake in Maple Grove MN at 12:30pm on January 12th. Go Penguins!

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Brenda Fagley Brenda Fagley