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"NO KILL COLORADO Runs to Save Animals" Help NO KILL COLORADO save homeless shelter pets


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Lindsey Kyker

Lindsey Kyker for No Kill Colorado Animal Shelter

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Joan Ogner

Joan Ogner - Saving Colorado Homeless Shelter Pets

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Jessi Harris

Jessi and Daisy Run Colfax for NO KILL COLORADO

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Karla Jespersen

Karla for No Kill Colorado

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Mary Hall

Mary's run, walk, hobble or crawl for NKC

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NO KILL COLORADO RUNS THE COLFAX MARATHON 2016!!! Run/Walk with us, raise some money for NKC and help save shelter animal lives.

No Kill Colorado started as a grassroots movement to educate the public about successful shelter models that save every healthy treatable homeless pets entering the shelter system. The programs and services that achieve a 90% save rate are being implemented in Colorado with wild success and we are proud our organization has been a catalyst in this change. No Kill Colorado, using these model successes, works with the community, rescues and shelters to improve save rates, moving Colorado ever closer to a No Kill state.

Last year, in 2015, the money raised by No Kill Colorado’s runners and supporters from the Colfax Marathon helped fund the following activities:

  • Humane Society of Fremont County. This shelter recently, in the last year, went No Kill. No Kill Colorado has supported these efforts in part by working with the shelter to reach out to the community for support.– On Just One Day – a statewide event that takes place every June 11th, HSFC offered a low cost adoption, vaccine and microchipping day. 90% of dogs in shelter were adopted and 75% of the cats.
  • Sharing the No Kill message with the public by participating in community events including:
    • The National Animal Rights Day
    • Denver Pet Expo
    • The Champions movie sponsor (About 3 Vick dogs)
    • Rescue events, community networking opportunities
  • Spay and Neuter events – in partnership with Colorado rescues – resulting in the spay and neutering of over 200 cats and dogs, including community cats.

Money raised this year will go toward long term programs and services which include

  • Rural Spay and neuter events in partnership with Colorado rescues, and will include the transport of many dogs and cats to shelters and rescues in larger municipal areas, where they have a greater chance to find a new home
  • Programs to increase the number of senior animal adoptions
  • Supporting a rescue-based baby bottle nursery
  • A program that reimburses volunteers who are transporting animals from communities where there is a lower chance of adoption or overcrowded situations to rescues and shelters where the cats and dogs will more likely be adopted.

Please help us this year by running or walking on our behalf, or supporting one of our teams or fundraisers by donating money. This money will allow No Kill Colorado to continue to implement and support more innovative programs for rescues, shelters and the community and further the cause of saving more shelter animal lives.

To sign up as a runner or walker, go to: Register for the Colfax Marathon Now . Then pick No Kill Colorado for your charity.


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