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"Nic's Team - Bowling for Autism & Autism Awareness" a team to help the AUTISM SOCIETY OF GREATER PHOENIX...


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April is Autism Awareness Month.....but here at Nic's House.....Every Day is Autism Awareness Day!

Our son Nic was diagnosed with Autism 7 years ago. Oh how time passes so quickly! Seems like yesterday I was grabbing for the tissues to dry my eyes from the devastating news of his diagnoses. While I can't honestly tell you the statistics or ratio of people diagnosed with Autism 7 years ago, I can tell you that today, 1 in 68 are diagnosed with Autism. And a more stagering statistic......1 in 42 boys are diagnosed with Autism. Today I'm no longer devastated, rather, elated that we were chosen to bring Nic into this world. While new adventers and "opportunities" (otherwise known to some as challenges) rise with the morning sun we wake with our set of daily to-do' noon, those have either been altered or changed altogether! We live our lives day to day counting the small steps while accepting all those "opportunities and forging forward! Nic also has a seizure diagnoses. With the two diagnoses, we find ourselves often saying that "life is good if you're in Nic's world!" Nic has come so far and yes, has a ways to go......he (we) will me it there! Today, Nic shows us so much. He still is very delayed in his verbal communication, however, his amazing abilitiy of written expression is, well, amazing! He memorizes everything! Then writes it all down! When the words get stuck and can't come out - he grabs the paper and pencil and writes his "want".

Autism affects everyone different. There is no two cases identical. And therefore, affects the families and loved ones different. However, through the help, guidance and support of family, friends, providers, teachers, 1:1 aids, agencies, therapists and most of all the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix, Nic (no, we all) will make it thru! The Autism Society of Greater Phoenix provides outreach, prent mentoring, advocacy, committes for medical, educational and insurance issues, research programs, enrighment projects, social and special events, educational speaking engagements, monthly support meetings, workshops, conferences, grants and scholarships. This chapter is separate from the National organization and is funded solely by donations, which go directly back into our community and benefit only families locally here in Arizona.

Autism Society of Greater Phoenix's "Bowling for Autism" provides a great opportunity for local families and individuals to raise money and awareness for Autism while having fun and creating special memories. As the leading local Autism advocacy group in Phoenix they have served thousands of individuals and families for over 40 years providing information, tools and resources to over 3000 families annually.

The "Bowling for Autism" event "kicks-off" our month long pledge to raise funds to support local individuals and families affected by Autism. This is the 2nd Annual Bowling for Autism Event. Last year, Nic's Team raised almost $1000. We want to double that this year! As mentioned in the beginning, April is Autism Awareness Month and here at Nic's house, every day is Autism Day! Please consider supporting the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix to continue helping families and individuls like Nic affected by Autism.

Team Captain

Christine Ertz Christine Ertz