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New Mexico and Poland Eco Leadership Exchange 2015/16

A team for Montessori Elementary School

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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

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2nd Montessori Middle School & Fundacja Primus Exchange. This time an Eco Leadership Excursions. Please help us realize this project.


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Last year we raised $2245. I think this year we can raise more with the help of team players.

This trip aims to provide personal challenges that will enable students to build the foundations for personal leadership.

In a world that is changing faster and faster, we must learn and re learn constantly. Our children, our students feel this pressure more than ever. The goal of this trip is to help enhance self-esteem, gain courage to break out of comfort zones, feel safe to express creatively, to experience the value of personal responsibility.

We have set up a Primus-TMMS Team page. Any student who participates in the campaign will receive half of the donations raised as direct refund off the trip fee. The other half will be equally distributed between the two schools and be refunded to all students equally.

Join and help us raise the money that will make a difference.

Go to to learn how these trips help grow tomorrows leaders.

Team Captain

Benjamin Burg Benjamin Burg

To learn about more about our living earth and share with others.