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A team to advance the New Israel Fund's fundraising goals in 2014


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Oz Benamram

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We are a team of longtime NIF supporters that are advancing the NY/Tri-State region’s ability to meet its year-end goals.

This is a crucial year for NIF. New Israel Fund recently launched the New Initiatives for Democracy (NIF-D), a multi-pronged plan to turbocharge up-and-coming Israeli change agents who are working for a strong, active democracy; a just Jewish character to this democracy; and a mobilized citizenry and leadership that is willing to finally end the occupation.

NIF-D is a long-term plan that demands significantly increased investment on all of our parts. New Israel Fund has increased its 2014 budget by millions of dollars, and we need your help to fulfill the commitments NIF has made to its grantee partners in Israel. The urgency that underlies our invitation to invest in NIF is the liminal moment we inhabit as people who care deeply about the future of Israel. Post-Gaza and pre-whatever comes next, we can make a difference together. We believe NIF-D has the potential to really impact what comes next, and our time to ensure the financial viability of these new initiatives is right now.

New Israel Fund's mission is to fund creative and courageous Israelis who work to advance human rights, social justice, religious freedom and shared society. The health of Israel's democracy depends on the strength of these values, and we are delighted to invite you to be a partner in this crucial work.

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