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In support of NATICK COMMUNITY ORGANIC FARM & strengthening community through hands-on education, local organic food, & love of land.

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Julie Gromoll

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Kristina Zell

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Sophia Levinsky

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Steffi Luke

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We are honored to be running the 2014 Boston Marathon in support of the Natick Community Organic Farm, an amazing nonprofit educational farm in Natick, MA whose mission is to provide productive open space, organic food, and hands-on education for people of all ages, year-round. Since 1975, NCOF has been teaching people to appreciate farms, farming, and farmers; developing skills and self-worth through meaningful, physical work; providing access to locally-raised organic food, all while building community. It's an amazing place, but kind of hard to sum up in single sentence, so be sure to check out their website,

We've committed to raising$4,000 apiece-- $16,000 total--to support the Farm's good work.

Our team consists of four women who live in Boston, Chicago, and upstate New York. Individually, we are an artist, a Chicago Public School teacher, a police officer, and an EEG technologist. We have been united by our our love of running, our ties to the Farm, and our willingness to make a positive difference in the world, one step at a time, in one of the world's most famous marathons.

Your donation today will make our sweat-equity all worthwhile! Please support our run in this historic race with a contribution.

Many thanks,

Steffi, Julie, Tina, and Sophie

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Trish Wesley Umbrell Trish Wesley Umbrell

Running Behind the Scenes to Make Team Farm's Dreams Come True

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    Running behind the scenes to support the team