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Invest in the TRINITY EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH Youth Group attending the 2015 ELCA National Youth Gathering in Detroit in July


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Trinity Lutheran Church National Youth Gathering

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Imagine 4 youth and two adult volunteers from Connecticut traveling to Detroit, MI to make a difference! Doesn't seem like much does it. But what if thousands to ELCA congregations across the United States do the the same thing? What you have is 35,000+ youth and adult volunteers decending on Detroit for 5 days to bring God's message of love and hope to a community still reeling from the Great Recession. We will Rise Up Together! and let the people of Detroit know that we care. For 3 of the 5 days 10,000+ volunteers each day will disperse throughout Detroit to make a difference.

The cost for each our team members for the trip is about $1000. The Trinity youth have beem working the last three years on various fundraisers and service projects to offset the cost. We have also enjoyed the support of our own congregation with their gracious gifts. We are now a short 6 weeks away and we have a little ways left to go. What are we asking? To please invest in our youth as they embark on this life changing moment that will never be forgotten. We are looking from raise $800-$1000 ($200 each) in the next 6 weeks. All we need is 80-100 people to invest $10 or 40-50 people to invest $20. Not only are you investing in our youth, you will be investing in Detriot. If you believe in helping those in need in Detroit we ask that you would share our fundraising page via Facebook, Twitter or email. All donations go directly to Trinity Lutheran Church via Razoo Foundation.

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