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Those that have been called to go and serve this summer in Namibia Africa


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Teams Namibia 9 & 10 are made up of young adults from Southern California with a passion for helping those who are most in need. They have committed their summer to living below the poverty line as they invest in the lives of those who suffer from AIDS, TB, starvation and despair. Each team Namibia 9 team member must raise $3400 and each Namibia 10 member must raise $4000 to GO. Please help them get to these beautiful people in Africa. Our teams will be working with people on the 3 different portions of the affects of AIDS. 1. They will love on the orphans (40-60 children are orphaned each month in Rehoboth to AIDS) singing, dancing, laughing, holding them. We will do crafts, Bible stories and a baptism class. 2. Our team will connect with the local high schools and teach an abstinance course to the future of Africa! AIDS education is critical! 3. The teams will "rob graves" they will be with those in their last stages of life who are dying from AIDS and pray for healing, peace, comfort, etc. They will be love to all they encounter and infuse Hope.

In addition to all the above our teams will continue our work with our Farm and Bakery and set the work in motion for Childrens Homes to be built. None of this can happen if people don't go. They are the surest way to measure your investment! A wise man once said, "throwing money at Africa is like throwing sugar cubes into the ocean and expecting it to taste sweet. You have to GO and BE there, take the $ and work with God to make a change."

As always we aspire to spend as much on in-country projects as we do to get there so the team goal is 80k and the in-country project goal is 80k. We have raised 45k so far - can you help us get the rest of the way? Thank you for your donation!

Team Captain

Kim DeAllen Kim DeAllen