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A band of fighters, running the Marine Corps Marathon to raise money and wage war against extreme poverty through micro loans.

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OUR REQUEST. Support us. Donate $10. No more, no less.

(If you're really excited, go buy a t-shirt at MYFIGHT.ORG)

OUR BIG IDEA. For about eight months we've been training for the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM 2011). Originally, running this race was little more than a selfish endeavor for each of us: the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, a crazy bucket list, joy in running, or the thrill of a challenge.

But we want to change that. We want to redeem our selfishness.

We want to transform it into something bigger than ourselves and far more important than our own personal victory.

Now we are running to abolish extreme poverty and its toxic fruit: exploitive labor, child soldiery, and sex slavery. We will push back against the raw evil and brokeness in this beautiful world.

We choose to fight. Will you fight with us?

OUR PLEA. Honestly, what is $10? It's three coffees (two at Starbucks) or three gallons of gas (two in San Francisco). If you are honest, those -- heck, pretty much anything else you will do with that $10 -- are about yourself. Redeem your selfishness.

OUR BACKGROUND. It started with a gift. My sister Sarah bought me a t-shirt last Christmas. It's now my favorite t-shirt, both in design and in meaning. She bought the shirt at MYFIGHT's booth during a tour in Boulder, CO. As she described it, once you hear who MYFIGHT is -- their passion, their plan, their dreams -- you can't help but get involved. You can't help but think that this crew may actually know how to change the world.

OUR FIGHT. YOUR FIGHT. MYFIGHT. The idea is simple. Profits from cool t-shirts fund microloans: MYFIGHT brings designers together to compete in a t-shirt competition. The winning design is sold and 100% of the profits fund microloans, empowering families to escape the prison of poverty. Once the loan is repaid, it turns into another one, helping another entrepreneur fight his/her family out of poverty.

As simple as that: an all-out war against extreme poverty. You get a cool t-shirt and they get an army to fight with.

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Travis Black Travis Black

Pursue love. Fight poverty. Release slaves. Proclaim justice.

  1. Jesse MurphyJesse Murphy 10/26/2011 at 03:44 PM ET
    You guys are awesome!