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Movement Exchange at FSU will be traveling to Panama City, Panama in May for a dance service trip!


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Emily Bethune

Emily Bethune with Movement Exchange!

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Alexandra Page

Help Alex teach dance at orphanages in Panama!

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Movement Exchange at Panama

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Adele Switzer

Help Adele go to Panama!

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Movement Exchange is a Registered Student Organization on FSU's campus dedicated to using dance and movement to enrich the lives of others. Throughout the year, we have been working with local organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club, teaching dance and engaging in domestic volunteer work. Our Chapter at FSU is affiliated with the national organization, Movement Exchange, which was founded in 2011, and has created a global dance community of like-minded dancers passionate about dance and outreach.

We will be traveling to Panama City, Panama from May 4-11, teaching dance to hundreds of children in orphanages and youth-foundations. A high percentage of the children in these organizations are disabled and do not have the support and love from family members. By bringing dance, movement, love, and support to these children, we are hoping to spread the magic of dance, giving them a source of inspiration and confidence. A portion of the program free also contributes to the sustainability of Movement Exchange by supporting locally-staffed dance education all year at the Panamanian orphanages we will be visiting.

While in Panama, we will also be working with the University of Panama and learning about Panamanian history and culture. The beauty of Movement Exchange is that it truly is an EXCHANGE. Not only do we try to teach these children as much as possible about dance and movement, but we will also be learning a wealth of information about Panama and the power dance can have on a community. The Movement Exchange trip to Panama is truly life changing for the children we reach and for the students who are given the opportunity to attend this amazing trip.

But we need your help to get there! Please consider donating to our cause. ANY help is greatly appreciated. All donations to this page will be used to help FSU students attend this trip, while also supporting the sustainability of programs in Panama, continuing to bring dance to these children throughout the year.

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Movement Exchange at FSU will be going on a dance service trip to Panama City, Panama!