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A team for Doctors Without Borders, USA

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"Mount Rainier" a team to help the Doctors Without Borders.


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Help us raise money for medical assistance for people in need

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As some of you know, we will be climbing Mount Rainier on June 26. After months of intense training, we have put in place a fund raiser that provides us that extra motivation and goes to a good cause. We hope you can join us in donating. The amount is up to you.

The recipient is Doctors Without Borders, a non-political international aid organization that provides on-the-ground medical assistance all over the globe in regions affected by war, natural disaster, famine, and poverty.

Mount Rainier is located just south of Seattle. At 14,411 ft, it is the fifth highest peak in the lower 48 states. Although it is 89 feet shorter than the tallest (Mt. Whitney), Rainier is considered the premier training ground for Denali due to its heavily glaciated peak. We will be taking the Camp Muir Route, approaching from the south-east, assisted by a professional guide from Rainier Mountaineering, Inc (RMI).

Thanks for your support.

Cameron Vincent, Tejas Mehta, and Vincent Florack

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