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Molly Streete Basic School of Patty Hill Fundraiser


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The Patty Hill Basic School was founded approximately 65 years ago . It began as the dream of a sixteen year old girl, Molly Streete, who wanted to give back, to a community that nurtured her and helped to reinforce the values instilled by her parents .

The original structure was a clapboard building, which served as a " meeting house " for the members of the Brownsville United Church, for outreach activities, in the Patty Hill area. Previously, young children received instruction in Sunday School, at the churches, but did not receive any formal instruction until they entered first grade at Brownsville Primary School at age 7. Recognizing the need for early education, Molly approached Reverend John S. Wint, (father of the great Olympian, Arthur Wint), who was the Minister of the Brownsville United Church, and asked if she could start teaching small children in the "Meeting House". Her request was granted, and though she was studying for the First Jamaica Local Examination (First Year), Molly started her little school .

Out of her endeavor grew a thriving school, populated by eager young minds, and blessed by the thanks of grateful parents. The original structure fell into disrepair and was replaced by a concrete structure in 1978. By this time Molly had moved away from Patty Hill, but her vision continued, supervised by the Brownsville Church .

Like many organizations and institutions in rural communities, the school became a casualty of harsh economic times and closed its doors in 2012, despite every effort to avoid this . Preschool children in Patty Hill and adjoining communities , are back to remaining at home until elementary age . One past student, Errol Elliott, visited his community recently and was particularly concerned with this situation. He contacted several past students, about possibly donating to a fund to refurbish the building and contributing to reopening the school. The response has been positive and moving forward it is hoped that all past students and other interested parties, will join in the effort to make this a reality .

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